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One of our most exotic of Asian mixes yet, Vicky is half Brazilian and half Japanese and Mr. Chew is 100% pleased with this mix. During the interview, she told us that she has such an oral fixation and can not get enough of sucking dick. We had to put her to the test so our man came out and she was ready to show us she was not joking. As she took it all the way down, we knew Mr. Chew would be pleased at her cock sucking skills. Not only was she a talented cocksucker, but she got on his hard cock and fucked him like a pro!

As Mr. Chew's popularity rises, his fans are starting to contact him to see if they are hot enough to be one of his Asian Beavers. Celia has been a fan of Mr. Chew for quite sometime and finally got up the nerves to contact us to see if she had what it takes to become one of his Beavers. When she arrived at the studio, we knew right away Mr. Chew would approve. Taking some photos and getting her ready for her first scene, Barry made sure to give her the fucking she came in for and to make her one of Mr. Chews Asian Beavers!

Back on his search for the hottest Asian Beavers, Mr. Chew found himself in the UK. Hoping to find a sexy Asian Beaver with an even sexier accent, Mr. Chew came across Hannah. This self proclaimed sluttiest nineteen year old, was thrilled that Mr. Chew was interested in her for our site. Sending her to California to the studio, Billy had no trouble giving her the fucking she came to the states for!

Mr. Chew has been pleased at our progress and gave Billy a job to go find recruits for our site. He was stoked to get a chance to find hot Asian Beavers and he did not want to let him down. While out he saw one of Mr. Chew's favorite, a sexy Asian with natural big tits. Billy knew he would be pleased and went up to her and told her about our site. She was willing to do some modeling and then take if from there. After a tour of the studio we took some photos and she got so turned on that we put down the camera and got the video camera. Kim was so horny she for some big American cock she got her chance to be our newest Asian Beaver!

The popularity of Mr. Chew has spread and Kita has heard of his web site. She sent in a photo of her and was wondering if Mr. Chew would approve. Mr. Chew happily approved and replied back with directions to the studio. When Kita showed up we could see why Mr. Chew gave his approval. Billy was even happier as he was getting his cock sucked by this hot Asian beaver!

Back in the states to get his new travel plans in order, Mr. Chew hit the night clubs in Chinatown to see if he could find us our next Asian beaver. Sure enough he knew he was at the right spot when he saw Amai. She just turned eighteen and was not sure what she wanted to do in life yet. Mr. Chew gave her some guidance and offered her a job and gave her the directions to the studio. When Amai got there she was welcomed and got right into the interview process. After all the interview she got right to getting her first cock on camera and we got it all just for you!