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While in the rain season is here in Los Angeles it makes it a bit harder to go out and scout for our Asian Beavers. Luckily for us that Ariel answered our ad we have placed. She came to the studio and was looking super fine. This Japanese & American mix fit the category for one of the sexiest girls we have had in awhile. She felt a bit shy at first as this is only her second time in front of the camera. We told her she would loosen up when we showed her a good time. Our man wasted no time getting her loosened up and unleashing the freak inside of her!

While Mr. Chew is happy with what have been bringing him, we scouted a Thai native sexy Asian Beaver. Rosemary moved to the states when she was little and loves it here, but does miss the food. Out getting some Thai food we saw her sitting in the corner by herself so we thought we would invite her to the studio. Giving her instructions and directions she came on by to see what Mr. Chews Asian Beaver was all about. When we told her about what all we do here and that she would get a chance to fuck a big American cock, she was ready to fuck!

Pleased with the progress we are doing selecting the hottest Asian Beavers for Mr. Chew, we found him a natural bush beaver. Sasha loves her big hairy beaver and was willing to show it off. With her Chinese mix background, she was perfect for this weeks Asian Beaver. Billy is no stranger to a hairy beaver, he went right down parting the hair to get to her sweet wet fortune cookie. Sasha loved it and got super horny and ready for Billy's big cock!

Mr. Chew was out at L. A.'s hottest new club and saw a sexy Asian girl dancing. He set up a VIP table and had the bouncer get her and her friends set up at the table. When she got there Mr. Chew was gone but he left her details on how she could be our new Asian Beaver. Jesse was flattered and turned on so she contacted us. When she came in and told us she was Japanese & Korean mix, which is our favorite, we knew that she had to of been hand picked my Mr. Chew himself! Barry is a lucky guy as he gets to fuck and suck her sweet fortune cookie.

Not seeing too many American sports cars in China, Lil' Asia got so turned on by one of Mr. Chews cars. She came right up to it and wanted to have photos taken with it to show her friends back home. After snapping a few photos we asked her if she wanted to do some modeling. She was pretty open to anything and started undressing for the camera. As soon as she saw the big American dick we had for her, she instantly got right on it!

Nothing turns on Mr. Chew more then an Asian girl with big natural tits. So when one of Mr. Chew's scouts saw Beti, he instantly went up to her and told her she would be perfect for his site. She was new to the scene and was willing to please Mr. Chew in showing off her lovely Asian Beaver. At the studio Barry was willing to show her just how much her sweet Asian Beaver was by giving her the hard fucking she wanted!